A student studying at a university/college/research institution or working with a NGO in a foreign country or whose interests coincides with that of Gunjan Organisation can apply for an internship. An intern is engaged through direct application, on recommendation by various universities, referrals etc. The duration of internship could be from one to three months. As a policy, the organisations do not pay any kind of subsistence to interns such as Travel, Stipend and Accommodation etc. The location of internship is decided after considering Area of interest, preferred location and Vacancy at the desired location.

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  1. Termination of his/her internship without notice on one and/or more than one of the following grounds:
  2. Breach of any Code of Conduct or any law applicable to Gunjan Organisation or any rules made thereunder.
  3. No intern shall cull and collect any official information and communicate directly or indirectly any official document or part thereof or information to any person except with the express written permission from the Society.
  4. Wilful insubordination or disobedience of any lawful/reasonable order of a superior.
  5. Theft, fraud or dishonesty in connection with the activities of the Society or property or the theft of property of another person or visitor at Gunjan offices.
  6. Not following office timings and non-submission of required reports.