Instructions for opening:-

1 Ensure internet explorer version 11 or above in your system

2 Downloads plug-in as each DVR demands (Needed for IRCA Una only, run active X control given on the website)

3 Some setting must done in internet  explore for smooth working:

Step 1. Tools

Step 2. Internet options

Step 3. Security tab

Step 4. Choose internet icons

Step 5. Custom level tab

Step 6. Enable options like active X controller (Shown below).

Step 7. Apply

Step 8. Okay.

*All these steps are shown below

Step 9. Write the links on address bar then click on enter. (Please ignore the security setting in internet explorer)

Web Address to access CCTV Online:





 For all DVRs Serial Number, User Id and Password please contact Gunjan Organization

Please note: You have to copy Links and open in Microsoft Internet Explorer

For all DVRs Serial Number, User Id and Password or in case of any query please contact Gunjan Organization on:
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